Beef & Boards Buffet

Prepared by Chef Larry Stoops

Beef & Boards’ Signature
Hand-Carved Slow-Roasted Beef (GF)

Breaded Chicken Tenders

Lemon Pepper Tilapia (GF)

Farm raised tilapia baked and seasoned with lemon pepper

Cheddar Mac & Cheese (V)
Cavatappi pasta tossed in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce

Sweet Corn (GF) (V) (v)
Sweet kernel corn with pimentos in a seasoned buttery sauce

Green Beans (GF) (V) (v)
Fresh seasoned green beans

Wedge Fries (GF) (V) (v)
Seasoned wedge-cut potatoes.

(GF) - Gluten-Free (V) - Vegetarian (v) - vegan
Buffet menu subject to change